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Cold case dig under concrete floor comes up empty

ANACORTES, Wash. — Police hoped to find the body of a man who disappeared 45 years ago under the garage floor of his former Anacortes property.

Isaac Iverson has been missing since 1967.

“It's really important for the family because they want closure.  They've been doing this investigation for 45 years,” said Grant Lightfoot, with Anacortes police.

His second wife was the main person of interest in the case and had tried collecting his Social Security payments after he vanished, but police were unable to prove she was responsible for Iverson’s disappearance, investigators said.

A few months ago, Isaac Iverson’s grandson, Art Iverson, came forward and told police he had heard relatives talking about the case and the evidence pointed to the body being on the Anacortes property.

“It's just been one of those things that everybody thought he was in the garage, buried,” said Art Iverson.

“All his personal effects, his wallet, his keys, everything you would take with you when you left were still here. Art came back from Vietnam, where he was an MP, and said he saw evidence of blood splatter on the dresser,” said Lightfoot.

A local company volunteered to cut the concrete out of the garage floor and fix it afterward, and the current homeowner agreed to the search, but police came up empty.

They said they did find some other materials they are going to look at, but Art Iverson said he doesn’t want any more digging, even if his grandfather is on the property somewhere.

“They've done wonders with it, so I couldn't beat that if I paid somebody to put him someplace,” said Art Iverson.

Anacortes police said they had nothing to lose by digging, and they'll act similarly with the handful of other cold cases they have, anytime they come across new information.