• Bellevue dentist accused of sexual misconduct with patients, employees


    A Bellevue dentist’s license has been suspended after he was charged with sexual misconduct against several patients, including some of his employees.

    According to charges from the Washington State Department of Health, Kam Derakshani forcefully touched four female patients, and that one of them reported the incident to police.

    The statement of charges alleges that the unwanted contact began in 2008 with a woman identified as Patient A, who worked for Derakshani. The woman said Derakshani would ask her questions like, “Do you like your job?” and “Do you not love me?” The alleged abuse continued through March 2012, according to health department charges.

    Another woman, Patient B, reported that Derakshani abused her, too, and made similar statements, according to the charges.

    A third woman, and another employee, Patient C, said Derakshani frequently touched her inappropriately and that on one occasion, she told him she was “really not comfortable with this,” to which he allegedly responded, “[t]hen maybe this isn’t the job for you,” according to the charges.

    The full statement of charges can be read on the department of health’s website (WARNING: descriptions of the alleged attacks are graphic): https://fortress.wa.gov/doh/providercredentialsearch/CaseLaserFicheDocView.aspx?DocId=171484

    Per the suspension of his license, Derakshani can’t practice until the charges are resolved. He has 20 days to respond and ask for a hearing.

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