• Child brings father's police ammunition to school

    By: Nick McGurk


    PORT ORCHARD, Wash. - An elementary school student brought seven of his father’s bullets to school.

    The child, whose father is a Port Orchard police officer, was suspended for two days for bringing the ammunition to East Port Orchard Elementary School.

    “The officer was held accountable for allowing his son to bring department-issued ammunition to school,” said Cmd. Dale Schuster, with Port Orchard Police Department.

    The officer, George Counselman, had a letter placed in his personnel file as discipline, according to Schuster. He was also ordered to put his ammunition and his gun in a safe while at home, according to Schuster.

    When KIRO 7 stopped by Counselman’s home, he told a different story. He said the bullets were not issued by the department and belonged solely to him.

    He says the bullets were kept in a box on top of a closet shelf.

    The box fell to the ground and his son collected the bullets and brought them to school.

     “I’m sorry that he was able to do it, and it will not happen again,” Counselman told KIRO 7 on Thursday night.

     We asked the school district superintendent about what happened.

    “It is not a good idea to bring bullets to school,” said South Kitsap School District Superintendent Michelle Reid.

    “We don’t believe” other students were in danger, said Reid.

    The student was suspended for two days, according to an internal memo that KIRO 7 obtained through a public records request. He showed the bullets to two other students and gave two of the bullets away.

     The school considers bullets to be explosives and they are not allowed. 

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