Cheerleading uniforms too short? Some teachers think so

Cheerleaders at Cascade High School in Everett said they're being told not to wear their school-approved uniforms in the classroom because they are too revealing.

Cascade students told KIRO 7 that individual teachers have been asking them to change when they show up to class in uniform on game day. Reporter Joanna is putting together the story right now for 6:16 p.m. on KIRO 7 Eyewitness News. Watch in high-def on TV and online here >>

We called the Everett School District and a spokeswoman told us there is no push from administration to ban the uniforms in class. But the spokeswoman referred us to the district's dress code, and said if an individual teacher determines a student's dress to be inappropriate, that teacher can then ask the student to change. 

The district official said unless there are cheerleaders altering their uniforms, she doesn't know why that would happen.

Last year a school district in Florida made headlines for forbidding cheerleaders from wearing their uniforms inside in most of their buildings, and issuing longer skirts specifically to be worn inside one of their high schools.

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