• Bomb squad investigating grenade 'donated' to Goodwill

    By: Kevin McCarty


    PORT ORCHARD, Wash. - Customers at a Port Orchard Goodwill store were told to get out after employees found a Japanese-made World War II grenade among some donated items.
    “I’m in the dressing room trying on bathing suits, and all of the sudden an announcement comes over the loud speaker that all customers need to leave the store immediately,” said Dawn Banks.
    Jessica Spera said she was in the checkout line getting ready to pay for a dress when an employee told her she had to leave now. “She was really kind of panicked,” said Spera. “She said, 'Okay, everyone needs to get out.'”
    Port Orchard police said the grenade was a World War II Japanese Type 10 grenade. The rusting explosive is more than 70 years old and appeared to be live and potentially deadly according to police. But they have no idea who brought it to the store.
    “Somebody dropped the ordnance off, so we don’t have an individual that we know of that dropped it off,” said Sergeant Jason Glantz.
    The Goodwill closed its doors for several hours after the incident. Customers said employees appeared distraught by the experience.
    Police believe a World War II veteran may have brought the grenade home as a souvenir decades ago but aren't sure why it ended up at Goodwill.
    Ken Ostrom said in a military town like Port Orchard, it’s not unusual to find items brought home from combat by veterans. 
    “I don’t know why somebody would overlook something like that in a donation,” said Ostrom. “Maybe somebody was just cleaning something up and brought it in.”
    An explosive ordnance demolition team took the grenade to examine and disarm it, if necessary.

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