• West Seattle woman, 20, suspected of kicking boyfriend's son to death

    By: Amy Clancy


    SEATTLE - Alicia Joni Goemaat, 20, of West Seattle, is behind bars at the King County Corrections Facility, suspected of kicking her boyfriend’s toddler son to death.

    Just one week before the victim died, he was treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital for “bruises and scratches that did not appear to be normal for a toddler.”

    According to a Seattle Police report, Goemaat struggles with drug addiction and would often scream at 17-month old Drue Lehto, identified in court documents as “D.L.” 

    Friends of Goemaat and the child’s father, Derek Lehto, told investigators the suspect “would become extremely agitated when the victim, D.L., cried and would physically punish him by spanking him or ‘flicking’ him on his body when he cried.”

    On Sunday, Sept. 27, Drue and Goemaat’s own 2-year old son argued over a toy. 

    According to investigators, Goemaat later admitted to police that she got so angry, she kicked Drue in the stomach, knocking him down, then kicked him again, apparently causing fatal abdominal injuries.

    Goemaat’s former boyfriend can’t believe she would do such a thing. 

    “She never seemed like a violent person to me,” Josh Bryant told KIRO 7. “She was never rough with my kids, or her kid, or anyone else’s kid,” he said on Friday. 
     Goemaat’s bail was set at $1 million. 

    According to the police report, Goemaat tried to commit suicide on Wednesday.

    She was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder on Thursday.

    A fundraising campaign has been set up to help with Drue's funeral costs. Follow this link to donate.

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