Meet the 6-pack: six nurse friends at one hospital are pregnant at the same time

Congrats are in order! Six of them, to be exact.

That's because six nurses from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., are experiencing pregnancy at the same time.

The women (Nina Day, Bethany Stringer, Emily Johnson, Nikki Huth, Sabrina Hudson and Katie Carlton) work at the outpatient hematology and oncology unit together. And they're all due over the next six months.

According to a local news station, patients are starting to call them "the fabulous six pack."

Some of the women were planning to get pregnant, but not necessarily at the same time, a local report said.

The hospital shared one of the nurse's comments in a Facebook post: 

"It's exciting because, you see these people everyday and they're a part of your family, and now they're your pregnant buddies!" Katie Carlton, assistant nurse manager, said.

For Johnson and Huth, this will be their first child. For the other four, it will be their second.

Look how close these due dates are:
  • Nina Day: July 30
  • Bethany Stringer: Sept. 8
  • Emily Johnson (first-time mom): Sept. 25
  • Nikki Huth (first-time mom): Oct. 11
  • Sabrina Hudson: Nov. 13
  • Katie Carlton: Dec. 12.

"All of these nurses have spoken highly about sharing their pregnancy journeys together along with the support, advice and tips they’ve been able to share," hospital spokeswoman Eryn Johnson said. "Quite the bond that’s been established."

She reassured those concerned, however, that the hospital has made plans to continue patient care when the women take maternity leave.

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