ATS: Iconic Rainier beer ‘R’ sign to be welcomed at Fremont distillery

SEATTTLE — You don’t have to be from the Pacific Northwest to know that Rainier Beer has deep roots here. Fremont Mischief got their hands on a piece of history and they’re celebrating this weekend.

From its hard to forget commercials, to the big “R” you see on I-5, the “R” is actually a replica, the original is on display at the Museum of History and Industry. There’s a lesser known younger sibling, and it’s been sitting in the warehouse of a brewery, but not anymore.

“Slowly started getting forgotten about, we found it in the warehouse and talked to the owner, decided to refurbish it ourselves and we put it up. As long as it’s on display, it doesn’t matter where it’s at it just needs to be shown,” Fremont Mischief General Manager John Wahlke said.

The Rainier Brewery “R” is now on display at Fremont Mischief’s rooftop, and what better way to celebrate than throwing it a welcome party!

“We’ll have Rainier specials, live music, we’ll do a lighting unveiling party right around 7:30, whenever it gets dark,” Wahlke said.

John is expecting a busy weekend with a couple hundred people both Saturday and Sunday. Fremont Mischief is juggling the Rainier party Saturday, and St. Patty’s Day Sunday. They’ll have special food and drinks for both occasions this weekend, including Rainier-themed cocktails.

“It’s everywhere, it’s part of our culture, I remember it as a kid, obviously not drinking Rainier, but the commercials I remember going to the Kingdome, seeing the cool red “R” and seeing it as a child driving down I-5, and it’s an “R” no matter which way you look at it.”

There’s no dress code this Saturday, but as John likes to put it, rock your “R.” Come out in any Rainier gear you have, kick back with friends, and enjoy the PNW favorite.