Local voters, politicians react to impeachment vote

Seattle crowds demanding the impeachment of President Donald Trump last night got what they wanted tonight.

"I think it was an absolute wonderful idea, should have come a lot earlier,” said Rashad Newman after the House of Representatives voted for two articles of impeachment against Trump.

“I would appreciate to have someone who's honest in office,” added Shae Kanakaaole.

On the floor of the House, Trump was blasted by western Washington Democrats.

“This idea of America is in peril, brought so by this president who sought to cheat in an election,” said Rep. Denny Heck.

“Evidence is evidence, and a balance of powers is fundamental to our democracy,” said Kim Schrier.

“He solicited foreign interference before. He is doing it now, and he will do it again. The president is the smoking gun,” added Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

Local Trump supporter Lori Theis told us Jayapal is her congresswoman.

“We need our congresswoman, Pramila Jayapal, to come back and take care of her own congressional district instead of continuing on with this impeachment farce.”

Theis says the president has done nothing wrong.

“This does nothing to bring us together. It just furthers the division, and this raw hatred that's on display right now for our president is deeply painful to the country.”

An eastern Washington Republican didn't defend the president. Dan Newhouse attacked a Democrat who was caught not giving full attention to the Judiciary Committee hearing.

“How do you want to be remembered during the watershed moment in our nation's history? Well, Mr. Speaker, it won't be watching sports on a laptop during official Judiciary Committee proceedings, the proceedings to impeach a sitting president.”

With little chance the Senate will remove Trump, local opponents believe impeachment will still help their cause.

“Definitely slim his chances for reelection, which I feel like is the greater goal at the end of the day,” said Newman.

However, Theis thinks impeachment will actually help Trump get reelected by energizing supporters who didn’t vote in 2016.

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