How to manage Election Day anxiety

VIDEO: Ways to cope with Election Day anxiety

Tuesday’s election is an added anxiety for many people already struggling during a difficult year.

The UW School of Medicine said part of the problem is that we haven’t had time to recover between each new stressor we’ve seen this year, such as the pandemic, the protests, and now the contentious election.

But experts said there’s one resource that could make a key difference that’s easy to access for everyone.

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“There’s such a restorative power of being out in green spaces where it drops our rumination on negative thoughts and feelings. A great benefit is giving yourself a chance to go outside as much as possible. Take some deep breaths and step away from the things we can’t control,” said Anne Browning, the Assistant Dean of Wellness at UW School of Medicine.

She also said something as simple as turning off the notifications on your phone could make a big difference in anxiety.