Springlike weather ahead with showers and sunshine

Cascades snow through Wednesday

A pretty typical springlike weather pattern over the next week with occasional fronts with rain and mountain snow separated by periods of dry weather. We’re in one of those nice periods of time now, but high clouds are already on the increase and some light rain is detected by radar off the north coast.

This front will move through Western Washington early Wednesday morning through early Wednesday afternoon with lingering moisture behind it. For the morning hours, the Seattle area up to about Everett will probably see far less rain than just about the rest of the area because of the Olympic Mountain rain shadow where the mountain range causes some sinking air over the central Sound. Elsewhere, it’ll be breezy and rainy through the morning. In the mountains, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued and we’ll get 4-8″ of snow at the passes and higher up from Wednesday morning through Thursday morning.

Behind the morning’s rain, we’ll set up another Puget Sound Convergence Zone over the north and central Sound so for Seattle and Everett, the late day will have the better chance of rain. It’ll remain breezy with wind gusts in the 25-35 mph range in the more windy spots near the water. We could also see some ice pellets and there’s a slight chance for lightning, but overall, the instability that could  fuel storms is significantly less than on some recent stormy days. Highs will be in the low 50s.

We’ll keep some showers around (or at least drizzle) into Thursday morning before things dry up in the afternoon hours with some sunshine.

Friday and Saturday will be two very nice days with highs in the upper 50s to near 60 with a fair amount of sunshine, though some patchy fog is possible both mornings. Sunday will start off mainly dry but some rain works in by the afternoon and lingers around into early next week.