• Seahawks unveil eye-popping 'color rush' uniforms


    The NFL and Nike revealed this year’s color rush uniforms for all teams, including the Seahawks.

    According to Nike, the designs draw from both current and historic uniform schemes.

    The Seahawks will be wearing the bright green uniform on Thursday Night Football on December 15 against the L.A. Rams at Century Link Field.

    The uniforms feature "action green" from head to toe.

    Last year, just eight teams took place in the NFL's initial color rush. But this year, the campaign extends to all 32 teams.

    One hundred percent of the NFL’s proceeds from the sale of color rush jerseys will go directly to the NFL Foundation to fund health, safety and wellness programs for youth around the country, Nike said.

    See more photos of the Hawks' color rush uniforms here or watch the video below.

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