Seahawks D.J. Reed reacts to new NFL COVID-19 policy

SEATTLE, Wash. — After NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced in a memo on Thursday that COVID-19 outbreaks could lead to forfeits and a potential loss of paychecks, Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback DJ Reed spoke out on Twitter.

Reed said, “I didn’t want to get the vaccine. We don’t know the long-term effects. If you have the vaccine you can still catch COVID. The NFL & NFLPA made getting the vaccine a competitive advantage. I just got my vaccine because I don’t want to hinder my team, idk (I don’t know) how I feel about that.”

Goodell outlined a plan where teams could forfeit a game due to a COVID-19 outbreak among non-vaccinated players.

Not only would a forfeit count as a loss and the potential to not get into the playoffs, but both teams would not get paid that game week.

Goodell said there were no plans to add a 19th week to the current regular season for rescheduling potential cancellations.

Arizona Cardinals player DeAndre Hopkins floated the idea of retirement on Twitter after the announcement today.