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Local Steals & Deals: Score Big with Deals on Calming Heat and Memori!

Score Big with Deals on Calming Heat & Memori!
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14 March, 2024

Score Big with Deals on Calming Heat & Memori!

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This week's deals offer smart solutions for preserving memories and relieving pain. Memori's 64GB Universal Photo & Video Backup Device ensures your cherished memories are securely stored with ample space for photos and videos from various devices. Meanwhile, the Calming Heat Knee and Shoulder Wraps provide soothing heat therapy to alleviate joint discomfort, allowing you to unwind and relax after a taxing day. Don't let these deals slip away!

Memori 64GB Universal Photo & Video Backup

Deal: $99.99

Retail: $199.99

(While supplies last)

50% Off

Memori 64GB Universal Photo & Video Backup is your ultimate storage companion. It's a reliable solution for safeguarding precious memories and important files! It stores and protects your photos, videos, and documents, ensuring they're always accessible whenever needed. Featuring easy-to-use backup software and ample storage capacity, it offers peace of mind, knowing your digital assets are safe. Whether preserving cherished family moments or safeguarding critical work files, you're covered. Say goodbye to data loss worries and hello to seamless backup with Memori!

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Calming Heat Knee Wrap and Shoulder Wrap

Deal: $34.99

Retail: $49.99

(While supplies last)

30% Off

The Calming Heat Knee and Shoulder Wraps present a holistic solution for alleviating discomfort and tension in key areas of the body. These wraps offer targeted relief to the knee or shoulder, addressing familiar sources of stress and strain. With customizable settings, they cater to individual preferences for optimal comfort and relaxation. Whether recovering from a workout, managing joint pain, or simply seeking relief after a long day, they deliver therapeutic warmth deep into muscles, promoting soothing relief and rejuvenation. They boast adjustable straps and ergonomic contours to ensure a snug, comfortable fit, allowing users to unwind and ease tension effortlessly. Experience the transformative benefits of Calming Heat wraps and embrace a lifestyle of comfort and well-being.

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