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Local Steals & Deals: Get Ready to Save with Hey Buddy, Hey Pal and Black Wolf Wush Pro Ear Cleaner

Get Ready to Save with Hey Buddy, Hey Pal & Black Wolf Wush Pro Ear Cleaner
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20 February, 2024

Get Ready to Save with Hey Buddy, Hey Pal and Black Wolf Wush Pro Ear Cleaner

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Start Your Week with Real Deals!

This week brings unbeatable deals on two great products! Dive into innovative grooming with the Wush Powered Ear Cleaner. Designed for easy and efficient ear cleaning, it ensures your ears stay healthy and hygienic. Meanwhile, add a pop of color to your Easter celebrations with the Peeps Eggmazing Egg Decorator from Hey Buddy Hey Pal. Create beautifully decorated eggs easily, making your holiday festivities even more delightful. Don't miss out on these fantastic offers!

Black Wolf Wush Pro Ear Cleaner:

Deal: $41.00

Retail: $58.65

(While supplies last)

30% Off

Get the ultimate ear-cleaning experience and say goodbye to traditional cotton swabs with a Wush Pro Ear Cleaner. This innovative device uses gentle vibrations to safely and effectively remove earwax, leaving you with a clean and comfortable ear canal. The ergonomic design and easy-to-use features make ear cleaning a breeze. Take advantage of this deal to experience the ultimate in-ear hygiene now!

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Hey Buddy Hey Pal PEEPS® Bunny Eggmazing Egg Decorator

Deal: $19.99

Retail: $27.99

(While supplies last)

29% Off

The Hey Buddy Hey Pal PEEPS Eggmazing Egg Decorator is a delightful tool that brings boundless creativity to Easter egg decorating. Its innovative design and easy-to-use functionality offer a hassle-free way to transform ordinary eggs into extraordinary works of art. From vibrant swirls to intricate patterns, every egg becomes a unique masterpiece. It's perfect for family gatherings, Easter celebrations, or creative crafting sessions and ensures hours of fun and excitement for everyone!

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