Vape cartridges sold at local school might have been tainted with fentanyl

The Northshore School District is warning parents about the dangers of fentanyl vaping.

In a letter emailed to parents and students the district writes, ‘We received reports that a number of students purchased vape cartridges from at least one fellow student. The reports also indicated that after vaping with those cartridges, some of the students became sick. There is a concern that the cartridges may have contained illegal substances including Fentanyl.’

The incident occurred at Woodinville High School.

Local parents shared their concern.

“I would say it’s a little disturbing that it’s happening in our schools. Because schools are supposed to be a safe space for our kids,” says parent Uliana Chuvasa.

“It’s just shocking to hear that. It really is.” Says Bill Coba.

Parents and the district’s concern is amplified by the growing number of deadly fentanyl overdoses, which has spiked in Washington in the past five years. According to the CDC, fentanyl overdose is the leading cause of death for adults aged 18 – 45.

In the letter, the district writes, ‘The safety of our students is a top priority in the Northshore School District. We want you to know this concern is being thoroughly investigated and the police are involved. '

In just the past few months similar incidents of vaping fentanyl has occurred in other parts of the county, including Colorado, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Tennessee.

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