‘Worst thing they’ve ever seen’: Woman stabbed, beheaded for refusing to have sex, sheriff says

BLOUNT COUNTY, Ala. — An Alabama man is accused of brutally murdering his roommate after she declined to have sex with him.

According to WBMA, Justin Fields, 38, confessed to investigators that he stabbed and later dismembered the body of Tammy Bailey, 52, after she rejected him when he asked her for sex.

“He had gone into his room, was playing guitar. His birthday was the day before he wanted to celebrate his birthday. He then went into her bedroom and asked her for sex and she denied him or rejected him. [Fields] said in his statement that frustrated him and he stabbed her,” Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon told WBMA.

Fields told deputies that he went to bed after stabbing her but woke up the next day and stabbed her again.

“He said from that point he blacked out and he doesn’t remember anything the rest of that day. He said went to bed,” Moon said. “When he woke up the next morning, he woke up on Saturday. He felt like he was having a bad dream and went in the room and stabbed her some more.”

Fields called his father later that day, telling him he wanted to commit suicide after doing “something horrible,” according to

According to Moon, responding deputies found Fields outside his home Saturday evening. He told deputies he had “done something really bad” and that they could find “the evidence inside.”

Bailey’s mutilated body was found in her room by law enforcement officials. Her head and one of her limbs had been severed, according to

Moon said his investigators and supervisors were deeply disturbed by the gruesome crime.

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“All three of them said it’s the worst thing they’ve ever seen or experienced in their careers,” Moon told

Fields, who has no criminal background, was charged with murder and abuse of a corpse, according to WVTM.

His first court appearance is on Wednesday, Nov. 2.

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