Woman found asleep on inflatable mattress floating in pool accused of burglary

A Georgia woman found asleep while floating on an inflatable mattress at a Newton County residence is accused of burglary, authorities said.

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Amanda Lynn Jordan, 40, of Madison, was arrested on Sept. 18 and charged with burglary, the Morgan County Citizen reported.

Jordan, a Morgan County resident, was arrested after she climbed out of the pool, located in the city of Mansfield in neighboring Newton County.

Deputies were called to the residence at 5:16 a.m. EDT. A woman watching the home for a couple that was traveling was called by the family and told they had received a security video of a woman attempting to gain access using a hammer and a straight-edge blade, the newspaper reported.

Deputies arriving at the scene said they noticed an inflatable mattress floating in the pool, according to the Citizen. Deputies said they then noticed “a forehead and blond hair showing above the edge of the mattress.”

Jordan allegedly told deputies that she lived at the home but was not involved in a burglary, WSB-TV reported. She then allegedly asked deputies to push the air mattress toward a ladder at the side of the pool but made no effort to grab it, the Citizen reported.

Deputies said the mattress bounced off the ladder and back toward the middle of the pool. Officials then used a pool cleaning brush with a long pole to redirect the mattress, but Jordan allegedly tipped the mattress and fell into the water, according to the newspaper.

Jordan was then arrested.

An arrest report stated that Jordan once lived at the residence but had not been there in more than six months, the Citizen reported.

The homeowners told deputies that they wanted to press charges, according to the newspaper.

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