Woman blown back in explosion after setting Jeep on fire arrested, deputies say

DETROIT — A Michigan woman who poured gas inside a Jeep and lit it on fire causing an explosion that threw her into a nearby vehicle on Wednesday was arrested, investigators said.

A woman wearing a black hoodie over her head and a face mask pours gas into the back seat of a black Jeep around 8 a.m before setting a lighter to it, a widely viewed video shows. The explosion then knocks the woman into a nearby vehicle. She quickly gets up and runs off as the Jeep becomes fully engulfed in flames.

Macomb County Sheriff's deputies identified the woman as Sydney Parham, who was later taken into custody. She had minor cuts and burns, officials said.

Parham, 26, and the owner of the Jeep knew each other as acquaintances, investigators said.

Parham was arrested and charged with third-degree arson. She was arraigned Friday and released on $20,000 bond. She is scheduled to be back in court Aug. 5.