Tyre Nichols death: Videos show multiple angles of deadly beating

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police Department on Friday released bodycam and surveillance video depicting multiple angles from the physical altercation between police and Tyre Nichols.

>> To see the unedited video released by the Memphis Police, click here. Warning the videos are graphic and contain profanity.

When the confrontation began, Nichols was inside his car, and officers can be heard yelling at him to get out. An officer can be seen opening the car, reaching in, and pulling Nichols out. Nichols can be heard saying, “I didn’t do anything.”

In the video, Nichols gets on the ground and puts his hands behind his back. A struggle begins, and Nichols then gets up and runs, with officers chasing him. In one portion of the video, an officer can be heard on his radio providing a description of what Nichols was wearing, and that Nichols had run.

In an overhead shot from surveillance video, multiple offers can be seen beating Nichols with a baton, while Nichols showed no signs of resisting or fighting back, according to the Times.

Once Nichols tries to stand, an officer soon appears to hit him a few times as another officer holds Nichols’ hands back, according to the newspaper.

In one of the videos, Nichols is on the ground with multiple officers around him. He can be heard screaming, “Mom, mom, mom,” The Times reported. His mother, according to attorneys, lives about 100 yards away from where he was on the ground.

In video from a utility pole in a neighborhood, officers are seen hitting Nichols at least nine times “without visible provocation,” according to CNN. An officer can reportedly be seen in some of the footage shoving Nichols hard to the ground with a knee or leg. He is eventually pulled up by his shoulders and kicked in the face at least twice. Nichols can also be seen being pulled up to a sitting position, then hit with a baton to his back, then hit again once pulled to his knees.

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