Package deal: Tennessee residents worried about avalanche of deliveries at neighbor’s home

EAST BRAINERD, Tenn. — Packages are piling up in the yard of a Tennessee home, and the neighbors are getting restless.

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Residents in East Brainerd are worried about the packages that are being delivered to a home in their neighborhood, WTVC reported.

“It started out there were maybe 20 packages, then it was 100, then thousands,” Andrea Ellison, a neighbor of the home located east of Chattanooga, told the television station.

Another neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, said UPS delivers packages daily to the home, and the boxes are either half full or empty, according to WTVC.

Several neighbors have called the police, city officials and have even written to the homeowners, but the pile of packages continues to grow.

A spokesperson for the City of Chattanooga told WTVC that the home is outside the city limits and is under the jurisdiction of Hamilton County. The spokesperson added that while the sea of packages appears to be a code violation, the county does not have a codes department, adding that people who wish to complain should call the county’s building inspection department.

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The homeowners, who asked to remain anonymous, told WTVC that they have a friend who has a contract with an Amazon warehouse in China. When that person’s contract runs out, the friend sends the packages to Tennessee for the family to sort out and return to Amazon for the company to sell, according to the television station.

Amazon spokesperson Branden Baribeau told WTVC the company had no comment about the packages.

“I don’t know what’s in the packages, but I would imagine the weather would damage the packages,” Ellison told the television station. “But, they just stay outside.”

Ellison said her biggest fear was that if she was expecting a package, it might be delivered to her neighbor’s home. That could make it difficult to find the package, she said.

“A lot of times actually, our packages are delivered there and my husband will have to go up there and get them,” Ellison told WTVC.

Another neighbor, Dustin Nash, told the television station that the steady stream of packages has dwindled.

“I could care less,” Nash told WTVC. “Let people live.”

The homeowners with the mountain of boxes in their yard said a county official has visited them and told them to get rid of the boxes. The owners said the boxes will be gone in two weeks, the television station reported.

Hamilton County spokesperson Mike Dunn said Thursday morning that Health and Safety Board Officer Walter Johnson recently received two complaints at the address, once on Tuesday and again on Wednesday, according to WTVC.

Dunne said Johnson visited the property Wednesday and soon after mailed a letter of violation to the home.

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