Onlookers watch as man fills garbage bag with stolen items from Walgreens shelves

A brazen daylight shoplifting was caught on video, including a clip recorded by a security guard as they watched the alleged thief fill a garbage bag and leave a California Walgreens on a bike.

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The video was recorded Monday.

Three people recorded a man filling the bag by emptying the shelves at a San Francisco Walgreens.

The person rode a bike into the store and rode back out carrying the large bag of stolen merchandise, KGO reported.

The security guard attempted to grab the bag as the man rode by, but it didn’t phase the alleged thief.

A reporter, who was off Monday, said the man nearly ran into her.

Lyanne Melendez, a reporter at KGO, said this isn’t the first time she’s witnessed a theft similar to this one. She said she’s seen three in San Francisco at different Walgreens locations.

This isn’t the first time a shoplifting incident was caught on video.

In October, a crew from Inside Edition was filming a segment about shoplifting when a shoplifter jumped over a counter to take merchandise. A month later the store was closed because of excessive shoplifting, KRON reported.

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