Jelly Roll sued by wedding band named Jellyroll for trademark infringement

Jelly Roll holding three CMT awards

Jelly Roll is being sued by Jellyroll.

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The country singer is being taken to court by a wedding band based in Pennsylvania named Jellyroll, USA Today reported. The Grammy award winner has a space separating “jelly” and “roll” while the band does not. Still, band member Kurt Titchenell said the “Wild Ones” singer is infringing on the group’s trademark.

The band started using the name in 1980, before Jelly Roll, who was born Jason Bradley DeFord, was born.

The band got the name trademarked in 2010 and renewed the protection for an additional 10 years in 2019, according to paperwork filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and USA Today.

Jellyroll Trademark by National Content Desk on Scribd

Jellyroll (the band) doesn’t just play weddings. They’ve also appeared, according to the lawsuit, at least twice at the White House for former President George W. Bush.

Jelly Roll (the singer) said his mom started calling him by the nickname when he was a child, according to the court filing, but “he started using the name Jelly Roll in about 2010 in connection with the personal distribution of self-created music mix tapes that he would distribute at no cost in the area near his home.”

Jelly Roll/Jellyroll trademark case by National Content Desk on Scribd

Jellyroll said in the band’s suit that the “Save Me” singer has hurt their brand and is “unfair competition,” KYW reported.

The band claims that due to Jelly Roll’s success, their references are not coming up as high in Google searches as they once had.

“Prior to the Defendant’s recent rise in notoriety, a search of the name of Jellyroll on most search engines, and particularly Google, returned references to the Plaintiff. Now, any such search on Google returns multiple references to Defendant, perhaps as many as 18-20 references before any reference to Plaintiff’s entertainment dance band known as Jellyroll® can be found,” the band said in the lawsuit, according to KYW.

Jelly Roll announced his “Beautifully Broken Tour,” which is coming to the Philadelphia area, the home base of Jellyroll, in October.