Health department issues restaurant warning after dog seen licking off plate

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A North Carolina restaurant was issued a warning by health inspectors after a dog was seen licking a plate in a widely viewed photo.

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Tikola McCree was out with friends at Foxcroft Wine Company when she noticed a couple on the patio letting their dog lick off their plate, utensils and cutting board, WSOC-TV reported.

“Let me put that out there: I am a dog lover and, I think, as we are coming out of a pandemic, I don’t think that was the right course for the restaurant to allow,” she said.

She snapped a photo and sent in a complaint to the county health department. An inspector followed up. They said the contamination of the utensils was a violation, but the restaurant otherwise followed state guidelines and that no other action was needed.

The health inspector told employees that they “cannot allow dogs to eat off of multi-use plates or to lick utensils even if those items are washed. If customers wish to provide food or water to their pets, single-service disposable items can be used and then thrown away.”

The restaurant was not fined.