Gift wrapping hack goes viral on Twitter

If you are about to tackle the holiday chore of wrapping presents, you may want to watch a brief video that some have called “life-changing.”

The gift wrapping hack comes courtesy of Blossom, a DIY lifestyle website, but went viral when Waterstones, a UK bookseller, tweeted it on its official account Monday. In the brief video, which the bookseller referred to as a “public service announcement,” a hack is showcased for those times when one doesn’t have enough gift wrap to cover a package either vertically or horizontally. Instead, one should turn the package diagonally, and voila, the package can be easily wrapped.

While millions on Twitter were blown away by this revelation, others said that the hack is not as amazing at it seems at first glance. Refinery29 tested the hack and found that it only works in specific cases and may leave one side of the package a “hot steaming mess.”

Others said the gift wrapping hack was common knowledge to them and found it hard to believe that millions of others had never heard of it before.