Costco removes Palmetto Cheese over owner’s Black Lives Matter comment

Retailer Costco is pulling a popular cheese sold at more than 100 of its stores after the company’s owner called the Black Lives Matter movement a “terror organization.”

Tubs of Palmetto Cheese were being removed from 120 Costco locations across the country, the Georgetown Times reported.

“Costco rotates items in and out during the course of the year. They will occasionally add and drop products as a matter of normal business,” owner Brian Henry said. “We remain optimistic that Palmetto Cheese will be back on the shelves in the not too distant future.”

Costco did not comment to USA Today about the product removal.

The company sold more than 15.2 million tubs of pimento cheese in 2019, the Georgetown Times reported. Henry, who is also mayor of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, said a boycott would only hurt his employees.

There have been requests for him to resign as mayor, the Georgetown Times reported.