Coronavirus: Arizona man plays bagpipes at sunset to cheer neighbors

TEMPE, Ariz. — An Arizona man came up with his own way to spread cheer during the dark times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Daily at sunset, Paul Nies stands in his driveway and plays music on his bagpipes.

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“I’m not sure how much an impact this makes but I believe it to be a positive,” Nies, a former firefighter who lives in Tempe, told KNXV.

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Nies said he decided to play the music because he wants “to give people hope and signal we survived another day and will survive many more,” the television station reported.

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“I thought it was just a really nice gesture on his part to try and bring people together during this time," a neighbor of Nies, who wished to remain anonymous, told KNXV.

Nies said he will continue his nightly performances until the pandemic has ended.

“Let’s be a community six feet apart," he told KNXV.

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