Coronavirus: 14 family members infected after backyard barbecue

DALLAS — A Texas family who spent months apart had a backyard barbecue and found out days later 14 attendees had contracted the coronavirus.

No one felt sick at the time of the family get-together in mid-June, KDFI reported.

Since then, one woman has died and another family member is on a ventilator.

“Everyone has reassured me that it’s not my fault, but it’s my home,” Tony Green said. “I feel like I’m the host, and even though we don’t know who had what, it spread because I had this idea to get together. I’m having a difficult time with that.”

Green learned he had the virus after a visit to the emergency room. That same day, Green's father-in-law, Rafael Ceja, was taken to the hospital. Ceja developed pneumonia and has been on a ventilator 11 days, KDFI reported. Ceja's 68-year-old mother was later admitted to the hospital, where she later died from the virus.

Green regrets not wearing a mask at the barbecue.

“I feel very badly for the way that I reacted and thought of people for being so concerned about this,” Green said.

There are 391,609 confirmed cases and 5,002 deaths from the coronavirus in Texas, according to The New York Times.

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