Vegans protest restaurant's serving of meat, owner carves deer leg in front window

They protested his restaurant. He fired back and butchered a deer’s leg front and center of the business’ front window.

A group of vegans showed up to speak out against Antler Kitchen & Bar in Toronto. The eatery's menu focuses on game meats like wild boar, venison and bison that restaurant owners say are ethical and humane. Despite its name, Antler also serves vegetarian foods like lentil and beet salad and chestnut gnocchi, CTV News reported.

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But activists say that the animals are being raised on a farm to be slaughtered for food.

The protest held last week was the group’s fourth against the restaurant since December. They held signs that called the owner “murderer” and once that said that “Animals are not ours to use.”

But as they protested, Michael Hunter, brought a deer leg to a window table and started carving it.

"We were in shock," Marni Ugar, the organizer of the protest told CTV News. "It was just an animal and we felt sad. For me, I felt sad for a few days after seeing that."

After he was done carving it, Ugar said Hunter walked back to the kitchen then returned about a half an hour later, with a piece of grilled meat and ate it.

Hunter told media outlets that the protests have been hurting the business.

"This is who we are  and what we do," he told The Globe and Mail, "They're offending us; I'm going to offend them. So I went and got a deer leg."

But now, he regrets carving the deer in the window because he said he “played into them.”

The protesters' actions may have backfired. The Globe and Mail report that since the video was posted, requests for reservations have increased.

Click here to see the video, which may be disturbing to some.

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