Students encouraged to bring Bible to classes Thursday

FILE PHOTO: October 4 marks Bring Your Bible to School Day.

Students across the country may have an additional book in their backpacks as they head to class Thursday.

Oct. 4 is the fifth year of Bring Your Bible to School Day, where students are encouraged to bring the religious tome to class with them.

Some users on social media have posted on their accounts that the Bring Your Bible to School Day was started by President Donald Trump. But that, according to Snopes, is incorrect.

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According to Snopes, the movement was starting in 2014 by Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family is a Christian conservative group, or as it calls itself, a ministry, that says it helps couples build healthy marriages and teaching children about God and how He fits into the family structure.

Focus on the Family provides students and their parents a guide on how to take part in Bring Your Bible to School Day and what the students' rights are when it comes to free speech and religion.

Students are also encouraged to use the hashtag #BringYourBible on their social media accounts.