Passenger leaving Seattle strips, streaks down aisle during Alaska Airlines flight

A passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight was detained after running the length of the plane naked. 

A passenger on a plane bound for Alaska from Seattle stripped and ran down the aisle of the Boeing 737, the New York Daily News reported.

Former Alaska state Sen. Johnny Ellis, who was on the Alaska Airlines flight headed to Anchorage, tweeted that “a completely naked man ran from front of (the) plane to (the) back,” yelling and waving.

Alaska Airlines spokeswoman Bobbie Egan said in a statement that a man was detained during the flight but the plane landed without incident. Egan said the incident took place as the plane was making its descent into Anchorage, the New York Post reported.

Law enforcement officials at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport took the passenger, who was not identified, into custody at the gate and then took him to a hospital, Egan said.

Ellis said he believed the passenger's father was one of the men who grabbed him during the flight.

Yahoo writer Daniel Roberts, who was also on the flight, tweeted that the incident "was very scary at first."
"All are okay, many now laughing. guy is restrained in back of plane," Roberts tweeted.