Man on horseback lassos thief at Walmart


EAGLE POINT, Ore. — A bike thief in Oregon was caught by a well-known tool of the American cowboy, a lasso.

A woman shouted and called for help when she saw a man riding away on her  bike, which she left outside an Eagle Point Walmart Friday morning.

According to witnesses, Robert Borba saw the event unfold, took his horse out of his trailer and rode after the fleeing suspect, lassoing him. He also held the suspect down until police arrived, according to KTVL.

According to KDRV, Borba dragged the man back to the store. The suspect eventually grabbed a tree and wouldn't let go.

Eagle Point police arrived and arrested 22-year-old Victorino Arellano-Sanchez.

Witnesses described Borba as a "Lone Ranger."

"I mean, who gets on their horse at Walmart and chases after somebody and lassos him other than the Lone Ranger," Rob Roque told KTVL.

After the arrest, Officer Adams of Eagle Point police said that Borba asked for his rope back and told them, "I've gotta go."

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