• Stolen property recovered from storage units in Key Peninsula


    GIG HARBOR, Wash. - Police recovered a large amount of stolen property from Key Peninsula storage units.

    According to police, employees at a local lumberyard discovered there was a break-in at their businss on April 24. Thieves stole lumber and a truck belonging to the business. The truck was found but its tracking device showed it had traveled to Fox Island.

    Authorities said leads were developed and police identified several suspects.

    Police obtained a search warrant for the property and recovered the lumber.

    During a search warrant of one suspect’s residence, it became apparent a large amount of stolen property was in a storage unit located in unincorporated Pierce County. Another search warrant for storage units turned up about $200,000 in stolen property, which was link to at least eight truck thefts and nine victims.

    Police said the stolen property ranged from personal family effects to equipment issued to military members to commercial merchandise and tools.  There was also evidence of identity theft.

    According to authorities, it appears the primary mode of operation was to steal commercial or rental trucks to obtain the property. The total amount of property stolen could be in excess of over $1 million and only a portion has been recovered.

    Investigators are looking into the possibility that some items were sold.

    Police said one suspect has been booked into the Pierce County Jail on three counts of possession of stolen property. His bail was set at $100,000.

    The investigation continues. 

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