Stolen U-Haul recovered in Pierce County

A U-Haul stolen out of Puyallup on Wednesday morning was recovered by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department later that day, along with most of its driver’s belongings.

The driver – who was in the process of moving to Washington - had parked his Jeep and the U-Haul he was towing outside of a Puyallup hotel on Tuesday night.

When he went outside early Wednesday, his jeep and U-Haul had been stolen.

Later that afternoon, deputies responded to a suspicious vehicle call in Spanaway and located the missing U-Haul.

The back of the U-Haul had been left open and the man’s belongings had been rummaged through, with some of his items left outside.

As the man who was unable to get to the scene without his stolen Jeep, deputies loaded and secured the man’s U-Haul for him.

The U-Haul was transported to a tow yard to secure it until the man could claim his property later.

A suspect has not been identified.

If you have information about this incident, please contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office or submit an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers.