Semaj Booker, who sneaked onto flights as a 9-year-old, booked on assault charge in Pierce County

Semaj Booker, who sneaked onto flights as a 9-year-old, booked on assault charge in Pierce County

A KIRO 7 file photo of Semaj Booker.

Semaj Booker, who made headlines as a 9-year-old in 2007 for talking his way onto two flights out of Sea-Tac alone, has been charged with second-degree assault.

Booker, now 22, was listed on the jail roster on Friday, November 8. Jail records show he had a bench warrant for a July 9 road rage case in Pierce County.

In that incident, a man told police he was on his way home shortly before 4 p.m. near the intersection of South 72nd Street and Pacific Avenue in Tacoma. The man told police a white sedan pulled up behind him and honked.

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"You cut me off and I have my kid in the car," the driver allegedly said. Police say that driver was Booker.

According to charging documents, he then punched the victim through the open window, pulled open his car door, and punched him "about twenty times in the head and face" after the driver took a stance with his hands up. The victim told police he put his hands up to defend himself.

Police said Booker drove away when the light changed. The victim told police he took a picture of the back of the vehicle, but was unable to follow where it went.

The victim had a bleeding laceration on the right side of his head and a cut lip, police said.

"Medical records show the cut to the right frontal scalp was closed with staples in three layers," according to charging documents. "The left upper lip laceration was closed with six sutures."

After Booker talked his way onto two flights from Sea-Tac International Airport, a judge in 2007 threatened jail time for his mother after the pair flew to be interviewed on a talk show when Booker was on house arrest.

Booker's history includes arrests for assault and domestic violence assault, and in 2017 Booker said he had anger issues, according to the Seattle Times.

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