• Pierce County babysitter charged with possession of child pornography

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff , Kevin McCarty


    An 18-year-old woman who advertised her babysitting services on Care.com has been charged with possession of child pornography, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department announced Wednesday. 

    On Thursday, law enforcement officials said she had also worked at a day care once, but they did not give the name of the day care.

    Investigators are trying to track down families she's worked for to determine if there are young victims they haven't found yet. 

    Court documents state that Victoria Del Carmen, 18, confessed to viewing child pornography after she was arrested at her home near Puyallup on Tuesday. Investigators say that in addition to collecting explicit child porn online, Del Carmen acted out sexual fantasies using realistic dolls of infant children. 

    “We did recover what appear to be lifelike dolls and we do have pictures and photographs that are real children and she’s obviously swapped them and traded them,” said Pierce County Sheriff’s detective Ed Troyer.

    She pleaded not guilty to four counts of possession of depictions of minor children engaged in first-degree sexually explicit conduct. Her bail is set at $300,000. 

    The Sheriff's Department began investigating when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children notified officers that child pornography had been shared to an Internet Protocol address in unincorporated Pierce County, according to probable cause documents. 

    During the investigation, detectives learned that the woman had advertised her babysitting services on Care.com and found text messages indicating she had recently been babysitting several children, according to a Sheriff's Department press release. 

    Police were able to find the address and performed a search warrant on a residence. During a search of the suspect's bedroom, detectives found doll parts and a lifelike baby doll, in addition to diapers, pacifiers and baby clothes. Police also seized electronic devices and found communication about sexual acts with infants and toddlers. 

    Detectives say under questioning Del Carmen admitted, “she views images of infants and toddlers,”and that she “was sexually aroused by viewing the child porn.” Officers also said said they found sexually explicit images on her phone showing her with, “either an infant or one of her lifelike infant dolls.”

    Although court documents don't detail any illegal contact with young children, the sheriff’s department wants to hear from parents who hired her to take care of their kids.

    “We’ll be going through websites and trying to determine if we can locate people and houses that she may have been at and go out and reach out to them,” said Troyer.

    If you believe your child may have had contact with the suspect or you have information regarding the case, officers are asking the public to contact them immediately at 253-798-7530.

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