Seattle's new drug-fighters are goats

SEATTLE — They are literally taking a bite out of crime.

About 120 goats are currently positioned under I-5 in the University District. They are eating everything they can within a  fenced-in area that is a known haven for drug users.

The Seattle Department of Transportation usually hires Tammy Dunakin's goats to clear out the steep areas under Alaskan Way that humans can't reach. However, with the tunnel project underway, the viaduct will soon come down. The goats will instead be used more to chew back the brush of drug dens.

"If they keep the brush down, then the police can patrol, and see in here, and make sure there's not bad stuff going on," Dunakin said.

KIRO saw plenty of orange caps of used hypodermic needles inside the fence with the goats. However, Dunakin said the goats will only graze on the greens.

"They don't eat needles," she said. "Plus, we don't have to worry about them catching any human diseases if they get poked by a needle or anything."

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