Seattle Police officer injured in fatal shooting at Tukwila hotel

TUKWILA, Wash. — A Seattle Police officer was injured, and a suspect killed during a police operation in the DoubleTree hotel on Southcenter Parkway in Tukwila just after 3 p.m. Wednesday.

“Earlier today, officers were conducting an Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce operation. During that operation, an officer-involved shooting occurred,” said a release from the Seattle Police Department.

The officer suffered a minor graze wound and was treated at the scene. The officer did not go to the hospital.

Seattle Police tell KIRO 7 that three of their officers were moving in when the suspect pulled out a weapon and began fighting with one of the officers.

The other two officers then opened fire, killing the suspect. It is not clear if the suspect fired his weapon.

“The Force Investigation Team is investigating the incident per protocol,” the release said.

“The vast majority of the arrests we do require no force at all. These are the exception when the subject presents a firearm and tries to hurt or kill our officers. But we train to be ready for that,” said SPD Deputy Chief Eric Barden.

Hotel guests were locked out for several hours while officers investigated.

One man who was staying there told us he ran to the parking lot and hid between the cars.

Another guest tells us he heard several gun shots.

“(I heard) about seven, eight shots, everyone could hear from the lobby. I think it was third, fourth floor,” said Sergio Hossaini.

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