Red light cameras could soon come to Everett

VIDEO: Red light cameras could soon make an appearance in Everett

EVERETT, Wash. — Red light cameras could soon make an appearance in Everett and they’ve already got people talking.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” said Everett driver Yelena Ilyushenko . “I think it’s a money drainer for us people here.”

Going forward, seven intersections could soon be on camera. According to Everett’s City Council, the intersections being considered include:

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-Northbound Rucker Avenue at Pacific Avenue.

-Eastbound Pacific at Rucker.

-Southbound Evergreen Way at Madison Street.

-Northbound Evergreen at East Casino Road.

-Eastbound Casino and Evergreen.

-Southwest-bound Evergreen at Fourth Avenue West.

-Evergreen Way at the westbound Highway 526 off-ramp.

Studies are happening now to see if there would be fewer accidents should those cameras go up.

“This stems from public complaints and people telling us that when they enter an intersection, they always have to make sure there’s not another car coming,” said Judy Tuohy, Everett City Council president.

Everett’s interest in red-light cameras comes as Lynnwood made $19-million from the devices over the past decade. Despite such astronomical earnings in other towns, Everett workers insist money is only part of the equation.

“Over time, the revenues do dry up because the public does change their habits,” Tuohy said.

As for where the money will go if the cameras are installed, city officials said every penny of it would be used to beef up pedestrian safety across Everett.

They added that discussion about the cameras is in the very beginning stages.

The plan so far calls for seven red-light cameras, but before any are installed, the full City Council would have to approve it.