Police investigate rock-throwing incidents in Arlington

Arlington Police are investigating a series of incidents that left a trail of broken glass and smashed windows in the North Sound.

They say vandals appear to have targeted cars and homes in Arlington, in the streets surrounding the intersection of French Avenue and 1st Street.

The results of this were a spree of extreme vandalism that ended with smashed car windows and at least one home damaged, according to the spokesperson for the city of Arlington.

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One of the victims posted photos of her damaged vehicle on Facebook in a thread that listed several other incidents, with others also posting photos.

Marni Manley says her rear window on her car was smashed early Sunday morning,

“It's such a shame because who's doing this? I hope it's kids or somebody who doesn't know any better," Manley said.

She is just one of several victims within a few blocks targeted with the extreme vandalism -- car windows smashed and shattered.

Carlene Gore Pierce also posted photos of her vehicle asking, “Was anyone else hit by the rock throwing bandits in "old town" Arlington this Easter weekend. Totally shattered the back window.”

Arlington Police say they received five reports from Sunday-to-Monday.

The owner of another vehicle on East 1st Street also had her car damaged. She suspects the vandals hit her car repeatedly to make sure it would break.

She found the window shattered but intact -- until she touched it and it shattered.

Kristin Banfield with the city of Arlington says an investigation has opened, and said the string of incidents was unusual and dangerous.

“It’s not acceptable in this community, it's not acceptable in anybody's community," Banfield said. "And that's exactly why we want to identify these suspects.”

The spree may have began early Sunday morning before 5 a m, people have discovered the damage since then. Banfield said a house was also hit; crimes of extreme inconvenience that can touch anyone, anywhere.

Manley says her car was egged years ago, and her spouse’s car has sustained damage from similar incidents including rock throwing, though nothing compared to a shattered rear window. This time she hopes the smashing spree can be stopped before broken glass is everywhere.

“We're just hardworking people. It takes time and money for what?”

Arlington police are asking anyone who may know something to get in touch, they're also hoping a homeowner with surveillance cameras may have caught something suspicious on camera since early Sunday morning.