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Officials: Snohomish County teen falsely accused classmate of threatening school shooting

Charges have been referred for a 13-year-old Snohomish County teen for falsely accusing a classmate of threatening a school shooting, according to a statement from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

Around 6:40 p.m. on Dec. 2, deputies responded to a report that a student had allegedly received a phone call from a blocked number saying there would be a shooting at their school, Hidden River Middle School, the next day.

The 13-year-old told investigators they received the call from a specific classmate saying they were going to “shoot up the school” the next day.

While investigating the incident, deputies obtained the phone records from the 13-year-old and the accused classmate.

While reviewing the phone records, deputies discovered the 13-year-old did not receive any incoming phone calls on that day from an unknown number and the accused classmate did not make any phone calls to the 13-year-old.

The deputies determined the accused classmate did not make any type of threat towards the school or any classmates.

After determining the 13-year-old had falsely reported receiving the phone call, charges were referred on them for false reporting.

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