• WATCH: Burglars use car to break into Burlington shooting range

    By: Siemny Kim


    BURLINGTON, Wash. - Police in Burlington are looking for suspects who intentionally rammed a car into a gun range in a failed burglary.

    Burlington officers were called to the Skagit Shooting Range on Bouslog Road at about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. Officers said the suspects drove what they described as a smaller, four-door car through the glass doors to get into the building.

    KIRO 7 obtained surveillance video from the gun shop.

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    In it, you can see a white car back in and ram into the glass door, taking off the door and the frame. As the car lurches forward, a man in a mask runs into the shop, followed by a second man and then a third. They're in the store for only a few seconds before they turn around and run, almost getting hit by the white car on their way out. 

    “They were equipped with buckets, baskets, bolt cutters and hammers,” said owner Brent Straight. “So, it was going to be a smash-and-grab.”

    Straight is thankful that the only thing he has to replace break-in is his front door.

    “They got nothing. Not a thing,” he said.

    Straight thinks the criminals were spooked by the alarm and the armored rolltop cases he locks the guns up in every night.

    A different camera angle shows the first suspect run to the display and immediately turn around. The car even backs into the cabinet.

    “The gun cabinets did their job,” Straight said. “We spent a lot of money for those cabinets. They did their job.”

    A camera on the outside of the building shows there were two cars involved in the break-in: the white car used to crash into the front door and a darker-colored car from which you can see the men getting out, holding on to their buckets and baskets.

    Straight has this message for the crooks.

    “No guns for bad guys,” Straight said.

    The white car used in the break-in was found abandoned not too far away from the gun shop, and the white car used in the break-in was found abandoned not too far away from the gun shop.

    Anyone with information about the burglary or who can identify the suspects is asked to contact the Burlington Police Department at 360-755-0921.

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