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Allen Ivanov pleads guilty in triple fatal Mukilteo shooting

MUKILTEO, Wash. — Allen Ivanov, the man charged with killing three people and wounding one other at a July house party in Mukilteo, pleaded guilty Monday -- one day before the Snohomish County Prosecutor was expected to give his decision on the death penalty.

Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 12, 2017. [See photos from the scene.]


  • Three people killed, one person seriously injured
  • Injured victim Will Kramer released from hospital on Aug. 15
  • 19-year-old suspect Allen Ivanov in custody, charged with murder
  • Ivanov pleaded not guilty to charges on Aug. 22
  • Ivanov pleaded guilty to charges on Dec. 19
  • Shooting occurred at party with young people in Mukilteo
  • Victims were Jordan Ebner, Anna Bui and Jake Long
  • Friends say Bui had cut off relationship with suspected shooter

Nineteen-year-old suspect in custody

Authorities had a 19-year-old male suspect in custody about two hours after the shooting.

He was not immediately identified. Based on witness descriptions, police spokesman Officer Myron Travis said the suspect appeared to be the lone gunman.

He was apprehended by authorities while traveling south on Interstate 5 in Lewis County, about 100 miles south of the city. Local authorities stopped the vehicle he was driving, which matched the one described by witnesses, after Mukilteo police shared suspect descriptions with local agencies, Travis said at a news conference Saturday morning.




The Snohomish County Jail's roster Saturday afternoon showed that 19-year-old Allen Christopher Ivanov was being held for investigation of three counts of murder, including one count of aggravated murder, according to the Associated Press.

Ivanov was formally charged with the murders on Aug. 2.

Prosecutors filed three charges of aggravated first-degree murder against Ivanov. He also faces one charge of attempted murder, alleging that he shot and seriously injured an 18-year-old man, and one of first-degree assault.

On Aug. 22, Ivanov pleaded not guilty to the charges. On Dec. 19, Ivanov pleaded guilty to the charges.

Three killed, one seriously wounded

The shooting took place just after midnight on July 30 at a gathering of between 15 and 20 young people in the Chennault neighborhood. The injured person was taken to Harborview Medical Center.

His condition was not immediately known, but Mayor Jennifer Gregerson said early Saturday that initial reports were "hopeful."

A vigil of 200 gathered in the Kamiak High School parking lot on Saturday night with photos of victims Jordan Ebner, Anna Bui, and Jake Long. [See photos from Saturday's vigil.]

Officials with the University of Washington in Bothell shared the following statement on Sunday.

"Yesterday was a day of tremendous heartbreak for our community. One of the victims in the fatal shootings in Mukilteo was one of our students, Anna Bui. Our hearts go out to her family and friends for their terrible loss. The suspect who has been arrested is Allen Ivanov, also a UW Bothell student. There's no doubt some of you know Anna or Allen, or both and will be devastated by this news. I implore you to counter violence with compassion."

On Saturday afternoon, officials with Harborview said the injured victim, Will Kramer, was in serious condition in intensive care. On Sunday, Kramer was still in serious condition in intensive care.




On Monday, Aug. 15, Will Kramer was released from Harborview Medical Center. 

The Kramer family released this statement:

"We are very happy that Will has recovered enough to go home and continue his healing there, but our hearts are still very heavy with sorrow and grief from the tragic shooting in Mukilteo July 30. We extend profound gratitude to the entire staff at Harborview Regional Trauma Center, and all the first responders, for saving Will's life and helping him to begin to heal and recover.

"We are filled with gratefulness for the outpouring of love, prayers, and support from family, friends, the community of Mukilteo, and beyond. Will's body is still mending a damaged lung, a broken scapula, a deep bullet wound to his back, and four holes where tubes were placed into his chest cavity. He will live with shrapnel and bullet fragments in tissues in his left shoulder.  He spent 17 days in the hospital, mostly lying in bed, experiencing a full collapse of his left lung, and having surgery to help prevent his lung from collapsing again.

"Will has been through more than any 18-year-old, or any human being of any age, should ever experience. Please respect our privacy.  When and if Will wishes to speak, he will come forward. In the meantime, he wants his time healing not to be distracted by media requests.  Thank you for honoring our request for privacy."

Authorities are working to identify a motive in the case

"We're gathering all our evidence to determine how it happened, why it occurred," Travis said. "Anytime you have such a massive crime scene (and) significant witnesses … there's a lot of evidence to examine."

Authorities from multiple agencies were on the scene Saturday morning, including the Mukilteo Police Department's Major Crimes Unit, the Washington State Patrol and the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

Grandmother tells chilling story of loved one's escape 

A woman told The Associated Press Saturday her granddaughter hid in a closet to escape the gunman.

Susan Gemmer says 18-year-old Alexis Gemmer was hanging out with friends from Kamiak High School at a home in Mukilteo early Saturday when a young man showed up with a rifle. Susan Gemmer tells The Associated Press that according to her granddaughter, the gunman shot two people at a fire pit before going onto a roof and firing more shots from there.

Gemmer says the young man who lived at the home tried to lead her granddaughter to safety by running out a garage door, but as he exited the garage, the gunman shot at him.




He made it across the street to safety, but Alexis Gemmer ran back inside and hid in a closet, from where she called and texted her grandmother.

Gemmer says the shooter and one of the victims had recently broken up.

Sympathies, condolences shared from around Washington state

Saturday afternoon, Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee shared his condolences with the loved ones of those killed in Mukilteo.

"Trudi and I send our deepest condolences to the families of the three young victims of this morning's shooting in Mukilteo and join the community in praying for the recovery of the young person taken to Harborview. These victims were just starting the new chapter of their lives as young adults. Such a loss is difficult to comprehend and we know the hearts of every Washingtonian go out to their grieving mothers and fathers.

"Details are still emerging as to how and why this happened. State troopers acted courageously to apprehend the suspect early this morning. Troopers and officers are working diligently on their investigation. I spoke with Mayor Gregerson this morning and let her know we stand ready to support the city's investigation efforts and to bring the shooter to justice. We also stand by to help support the many other young people who had to witness such a horrific act of violence."

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray shared his condolences with the victims' loved ones Saturday afternoon as well.

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