New tips collected in 1986 murders of Tacoma girls

TACOMA, Wash. — Cold case detectives said they've collected more than 60 new tips about who may have killed two girls in Tacoma in 1986.

Jenny Bastian's body was found at Puget Park and Michella Welch's body was found about five months later at Point Defiance Park.

Detectives believe both killings are connected.

Earlier this month, police released a behavioral profile of the killer.

 Investigators told the News Tribune some of the tips seemed promising.


Characteristics of Michella Welch and Jenny Bastian’s killer:

• Might have lived in Tacoma’s North End about 1986 or had family who lived there.

• Would have been very familiar with North End parks, trails and wooded areas.

• Might have been semi-transient in 1986 and stayed in the parks, causing a disheveled appearance.

• Probably got around on foot or bicycle; possibly used the bus.

• Routinely carried a knife.

• Likely had mental health issues and could have been jailed or institutionalized since 1986.

• Might have shown assaultive behavior toward family and might have become estranged from them.

• Probably did not have stable employment and might have turned to petty thefts and foraging.

• Had a disease called Strongyloides stercoralis, which eventually would have caused abdominal pain, heartburn, a dry cough, rashes and intermittent episodes of diarrhea and constipation.