Ekeler's Edge: Can non-QB win MVP? + Ranking top 4 RBs for fantasy playoffs

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It's another jam packed episode of 'Ekeler's Edge' with the L.A. Chargers running back and Matt Harmon. The two recap the Chargers riveting (hint of sarcasm) 6-0 win over the New England Patriots. Ekeler shares his thoughts on the demise of the Patriots dynasty and if he thinks Bill Belichick still has his fastball as a head coach. While it was another sub-par fantasy performance for Ekeler the L.A. RB details what he's doing to get back on track.

The two then provide an update on Ekeler's eyebrow bet on the Lions RBs finishing inside the top 15 in RB fantasy scoring. Hint: It's not looking great for Austin's eyebrows. Harmon than shares what needs to happen in the final week of the fantasy regular season for him to make the Ekeler Invitational leagues playoffs. Hint: He needs a lot of help.

Harmon and Ekeler end the show by discussing if a non-QB can win the MVP this season and what makes it an uphill battle for the likes of Tyreek Hill and Christian McCaffrey to win it. Since ranking things in fours has become a controversy this week, the two then share their top four RBs for the fantasy postseason. Harmon and Ekeler end the show by providing their bold fantasy predictions for Week 14:

1:24 - What's it like playing in a 6-0 game...

2:58 - Belichick still Belichick?

11:00 - How is Austin feeling after another subpar performance?

17:25 - Eyebrowgate tracker

20:41 - Ekeler Invitational: Harmon's Hedge is on the edge of elimination

25:38 - Last week of fantasy regular season: Stick with what got you here or take gambles?

31:42 - MVP race: Can a non QB win it this year?

40:21 - Ranking the top 4... no not CFP, top fantasy RBs rest of way

46:34 - Bold fantasy predictions for Week 14

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