WSP pleading with drivers to be alert during Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and the Washington State Patrol is pleading with drivers to always to be alert and cautious.

“It’s really something we want to bring to the forefront of the driving public’s mind,” said Rick Johnson spokesperson for WSP.

During the month of March in King County alone, WSP reported 636 distracted driving incidents.

“If traffic is slowing down and you’re distracted, I mean that’s how a lot of the rear-end collisions occur on our freeways,” said Johnson.

Drivers say with how advanced technology is nowadays, there are many ways to avoid being on your phone while driving.

“If you’re getting a call, try to have it linked to your car, so you still have your hands on the wheel,” said Yousuf Elswify.

As part of distracted driving awareness month from April 4 through the 10th, WSP says they will have more patrols out.

Overall, WSP says the month of March was busy, troopers responded to 4,043 speeding incidents, 2,044 aggressive reports, and 193 DUI’s.

Drivers says those are terrifying statistics and say collectively everyone needs to do better.

“Know that driving is a privilege, and it can be taken away from you so don’t screw up. Don’t get behind the wheel after a long night out,” said Elswify.

WSP says some of those aggressive incidents have resulted in highway shootings and ask people to not engage.

“The whole goal here is to get people to and from they want to go safely,” said Johnson.

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