Woman in critical condition after gruesome stabbing on MLK Way in Seattle

Seattle police are on the hunt for a man and a woman who may have been involved in a brutal stabbing that left a woman bleeding on a sidewalk in Seattle’s Rainier Valley.

SPD said that officers got the call around 5 a.m. that a woman had been stabbed.

According to police, the victim was able to get away from her attackers and then ran wounded along South Willow Street on the sidewalk towards Martin Luther King Way South before collapsing onto the sidewalk. That’s where officers found the victim with stab wounds.

Dennis Williams lives in the area and says he woke up to the grisly crime scene.

“I just woke up and I see a lot of police and fire department and there was a body laid out there stabbed up,” he described. “I saw them laying on the ground”

SPD told us that a 35 year-old man and a 41 year-old woman were with the 31 year-old victim in a vehicle in the area when some sort of fight ended with the woman stabbing the victim.

SPD Public Information Officer Judinna Gulpan said officers tried to help the victim before Seattle Fire -personnel arrived.

“We did locate a female out here on the sidewalk with stab wounds,” she said. “The suspects that were involved it appears that they do know the victim and that there was a physical altercation that occurred prior to the stabbing.”

SPD says the two attackers took off in the vehicle after the victim got away.

It’s not clear what lead up to the stabbing, but the woman who was stabbed was taken to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition.

The police did not give us a description of the getaway vehicle.

Dennis Williams admits the area can get rowdy, and there is crime. And while he was surprised at the brutality of the stabbing, he also seemed resigned to the fact that it happened near his doorstep.

“Stuff happens every day you know, you got to be careful,” he said. “It is what it is.”

SPD is asking anyone with information about the incident to contact them.