Woman claims they were assaulted inside Vashon Island grocery store

A Vashon Island woman claims a man grabbed their face and threw them to the ground inside a grocery store. The King County Sherriff’s Office is investigating and is looking over surveillance footage from inside the Thriftway where the violent encounter happened on Aug. 11.

Desiree McIntyre says around 7 p.m. Thursday they were nearby the wine aisle inside the Thriftway when they felt a sharp poke from behind. The 27-year-old claims they turned around and there he was in their face, cursing. The man claimed McIntyre cut them off outside the Lumber Store a couple of minutes before. They say, within the blink of an eye, verbal assaults escalated into a physical attack.

“He grabbed my face and then he threw my head to the floor like a baseball,” said McIntryre. “You know when you see cartoons and they get hit with a big thing and then they see the stars? That’s kind of what happened.”

McIntyre recalls their head ricocheting off the tile floor. They claim they suffered a severe head wound and concussion.

“It’s definitely not a normal interaction to be beaten up in a grocery store,” said McIntyre. “Especially not here.”

The King County Sherriff’s Office has not made any arrests. They have not identified the alleged attacker either.

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