Witness sees aftermath of violent attack as SPD continues search for group of robbers

SEATTLE — Seattle Police are still looking for a group of people they say are responsible for multiple strongarm robberies and assaults. The crimes happened last Friday in Ballard and in South Seattle.

Scott Winges lives in Ballard and came outside of his home just after 4 p.m. to find two people had been attacked.

“I was in the kitchen and I heard screaming from outside like loud screaming,” Winges said. “I kind of ran outside the front door and it was in time to see on our block a couple people hooded, masked, running into a red vehicle and the vehicle tore off up the street.”

Winges’ security camera caught a red vehicle speeding off.

“There was a woman lying on the ground disheveled, leaves in her hair, and a boy that was across the street that was bleeding in multiple spots,” Winges said.

Winges told us a teenage boy was attacked first and that’s when a woman yelled at the group to stop. Unfortunately, by doing so, he said, she became a target herself. Winges said the suspects punched them and stole their phones.

“Wrong place, wrong time, or maybe the right, I don’t know what would have happened to the kid if she hadn’t screamed,” Winges said.

Winges said he called Seattle Police who arrived shortly after and told him this wasn’t an isolated incident.

“He said that this was the fifth one within fifteen minutes that had happened so they had gotten five calls from people being assaulted and having their phones taken from them,”  Winges said. 

Seattle Police said the red vehicle the suspects were in was stolen out of Renton and was used for similar crimes. The suspects still have not been caught.

“It’s terrifying, it’s awful, we have four kids at the house and we go to school down the block, there’s lots of kids in the neighborhood it’s not hard to think that could have easily been one of our kids,” Winges said.

If you have any information call SPD.