When will smoke clear in Seattle? KIRO 7 PinPoint Meteorologist weighs in

SEATTLE — An Air Quality alert has been extended until Noon Thursday across many parts of the Pacific Northwest as wildfires send thick smoke across the region.

With smoke still in the air, many residents in the Pacific Northwest wondered: When will the smoke clear?

We went to KIIRO 7 PinPoint Meteorologist Nick Allard with questions. Here are his answers:

Q: How is the air quality as of Thursday? 

A: Air quality remains unhealthy through much of the area early Thursday and there won't likely be much change through daybreak as there was a lot of smoke offshore that has to ride through the region before the full quality fresh air arrives. Still, we'll have slow improvement through the day with moderate air quality likely the norm by late day. The Air Quality Alert has been extended until noon Thursday.

Q: How will the smoke impact the weather on Thursday and Friday? 

A: It will be much cooler on Thursday thanks to an increase in ocean air over the region. We might not hit 70 degrees or higher on Friday for the first time in a while.

Q: Will the air quality continue to improve this weekend? 

A: As a trough of low pressure moves through over the weekend, we'll have cool temperatures topping out in the upper 60s to around 70 and lots of clouds. A few showers are likely this weekend as well, especially on Sunday into Sunday night. However, I won't rule out a few light rain showers Saturday as well.

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Q: What will the weather be like early next week? 

A: Into next week, we will have many days with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine.  Occasional light showers are possible but the timing of any rainfall beyond the weekend is unclear.  Highs will generally be in the 70s except possibly getting into the 80s briefly on Tuesday.

Q: How can I stay up to date on the latest air quality conditions? 

A: Download the free KIRO 7 PinPoint weather app to track everything from air quality conditions to temperatures in your area.

You can also follow me on Twitter @NickAllardKIRO7 or on my Facebook page, KIRO 7 PinPoint Meteorologist Morgan Palmer on Twitter @MorganKIRO7 or on his Facebook page and KIRO 7 PinPoint Meteorologist Claire Anderson on Twitter @ClaireKIRO7 or on her Facebook page.

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